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Garen Armstrong Featured in the Kansas City Business Journal’s 20 to Know: Build Your KC Construction Network

The Kansas City Business Journal continues its “20 to Know” series, introducing readers to people they should get to know in key industries and categories. In this installment, Sydnie Savage lists 20 people to know in the construction industry. For each, she provides an introduction and short explanation of why the person is included.

We designed this feature as a replacement for the Power 100 lists published in previous years. The aim isn’t to give you a list of people you might already know, but to show the depth and breadth of talent in the Kansas City area. We hope this feature will give you an excuse to reach out to those you already know and to provide a guide to others you might want to add to expand your network.

Garen Armstrong
Garen Armstrong

Garen Armstrong

Executive Director, Shamrock Roofing & Construction 

Jim Armstrong established Shamrock in 1977 as a small residential roofing company. Garen Armstrong took the helm after his father died in 2016. The company had revenue of $3 million his first year. Between 2020 and 2022, average annual revenue growth was about 47.5%, according to the Kansas City Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Companies List, with 2022 revenue of $32.8 million. Shamrock Roofing & Construction has 11 offices throughout the Midwest and plans to add five more this year. Armstrong, a heart transplant recipient, is 2024 chair of the Kansas City American Heart Association. 

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