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Hang Holiday Lights Without Hurting the Roof

As the seasons change and the holidays loom, many Arkansas homeowners appreciate the milder autumn temperatures and the opportunity to get a jump on displaying their outdoor holiday decor. While your family (and the neighborhood) may enjoy the festive glow of your lighting ensemble, this long-held tradition can lead to roof repair in Arkansas without proper advance planning. 

That’s why Shamrock Roofing (the area experts on roofing in Arkansas) has created this list of essential safety tips when it comes to installing your rooftop decor this season. Worried about tackling this holiday chore without damaging the roof? Just contact us with questions or to schedule a free roof inspection before you start hanging lights. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It may seem obvious, but scaling your roof solo is extremely dangerous. Whether you’re inspecting your roof before the work begins or you’re ready to start attaching your lights, it’s best to have a spotter available in case of an emergency. Rooftop accidents (even fatalities) happen annually, so keep your health and safety top of mind and always work in pairs! 

Check Your Equipment and Check It Twice

Tackling the rooftop to hang your Christmas lights requires a lot of tools and equipment,  items you may not have used in quite some time. Experts on roofing company in Arkansas recommend you test all your supplies on solid ground before ever hitting the rooftop. Check each string of lights for shattered bulbs, frayed wiring, or burned-out bulbs — all potential electrical malfunctions that could pose a fire risk. You should also make sure your ladders are in good working order and able to withstand your weight before scaling the rooftop.

Ditch the Nails and Staples

Nails and staples are great helpers for many home improvement projects, and they do a great job of securing your holiday light displays. However, they can do more harm than good in many instances and can lead to long-term punctures on your roof. Once these punctures happen, opportunities for leaking water and the need for roof repair in Arkansas are inevitable. Instead, Shamrock Roofing recommends investing in plastic clips that easily attach to your gutters and eaves. They’re relatively low profile,  so they won’t hurt the ambiance of your display, but they offer a much safer — and affordable — alternative to the traditional nail gun route. 

Take Your Time When the Holidays End

Of course, the holiday season will eventually come to an end, and you’ll need to put away your holiday display. Taking down the lights is always a chore. It can be tempting to rip them off as quickly as possible. That said, while this may save time right now, it can cause long-term damage to your roof — and your lights. Rather than rush the clean-up process, take the time to individually remove each strand, coil them up neatly, and package them in a waterproof bin. You’ll thank yourself next year!

Worried About Your Roof This Holiday Season? Call Shamrock!

If you’re not ready to tackle this project yourself, there are plenty of handyman outfits out there that can help. When it comes to taking care of the roof, that’s when Shamrock Roofing and Construction enters the picture. As the area experts on roofing in Arkansas, we’ll answer your questions so you can get your roof prepped for the season safely and without harm. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection and get ready for the holidays!