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You will begin to notice warning signs as your roof nears its end of life. For most homeowners, replacing a deteriorating roof is an expensive undertaking. Early detection of the symptoms, however, enables you to hire a roofing company in Overland Park according to your schedule rather than waiting until it totally breaks, which can result in much higher costs if water seeps into your house or place of business. What symptoms indicate that your roof is beginning to deteriorate?

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

  • Shingles are loose or missing. This could be because your roof is getting older or it could be the result of storm damage. The overall protective value of your roof will be much diminished if shingles peel off or become loose.
  • Certain parts of your roof are dusty and black. When shingles start to lose their granules, darker patches typically develop. This indicates that it’s time to replace your shingles because they’ve aged.
  • Dark areas on your roof may also indicate the formation of moss or algae, which you need to remove right away.
  • There is water damage in your attic or house. It’s likely that your roof’s flashing has deteriorated or that there is insufficient shingle underlayment if water is seeping into any areas of your house or attic. Poor ventilation on the roof can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Your shingles are scorching, drying out, curling, or splitting. It usually indicates that your shingles have reached the end of their life, and you will need to have a new roof installed if any of these symptoms appear on your shingles. High humidity (or contact with excessive moisture) can also cause blistering; this is typically the consequence of an inadequate roof ventilation system. 
  • There is a sagging roof. A drooping roof may indicate a number of issues, such as declining strength, incorrect installation, or the roof bearing excessive weight (snow, ice, etc.). In any case, drooping or sagging roofs are an obvious indication that they need to be replaced. It could collapse if you don’t take action quickly.
  • You count a few loose or exposed nail heads. Should nails start to come loose, the gaps and openings surrounding the remaining nails are vulnerable to water infiltration, which may result in roofing issues. You may need to replace your roof sooner than you had anticipated due to the harm this moisture causes.
  • Granules are present in your gutters. The shingles have reached an age when they are no longer as effective as they should be and need to be replaced when they start to lose granules. With age, shingles patients lose an increasing amount of granules.
  • There are places where the flashing is broken or absent. Flashing, which is installed around projects like chimneys that cross your roof, can allow water to leak into your home if the sealing surrounding these structures is damaged or destroyed.
  • The age of your roof exceeds twenty years. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 20 to 25 years before it needs to be replaced. Your home could require a roof replacement in Overland Park sooner if your roof was put on top of the previous roof (shingles on top of shingles).
  • There has been a noticeable increase in your heating and cooling expenditures. This can be the consequence of a leaky or broken roof that allows undesirable air to enter and desirable air to exit or inadequate attic ventilation.


Everyone needs an excellent roof. Even if you have a new roof, you’ll want to know the warning signs of areas that may require repair and eventually total roof replacement. If you notice any of the signs written above, give roofers in Overland Park a call to get a free inspection of your residential or commercial roof.